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Snake Haired Yuet Ching Hei Spring news of success
Time:2014-5-4 23:11:50 Author: | Views:0
    WASHINGTON filled with thick and cozy atmosphere of the Spring Festival in the spring before the holiday, the hotel is decorated in rich flavor: red lanterns, golden word blessing, a symbol of every year more than the paper-cut window grilles, in peach on covered with red Chinese knot ...... and sent to us for the new year blessing.

    Snake Haired in Spring Festival , Vientiane update Yuet Ching . The last in 2012 , is a very unusual year, we welcomed the victory of the Congress of the Chinese Communist Party eighteenth , this year, the European debt crisis and other economic problems caused by the world economic crunch and sectoral economic zone to an unprecedented impact on the market , but also to the hotel industry has brought tremendous impact. In the past year, the Furama Hotel in the support and care of the provincial and municipal tourism bureau leadership and government departments at all levels to the scientific development concept as a guide to rigorous, pragmatic attitude , focus on " high quality of service " as the theme to the hardware construction as the basis, as a means of fine service , scientific management, high standards and quality completion of various tasks , has been highly praised by leaders at all levels and the majority of guests. The hotel's brand and reputation has been further enhanced to become the sole province of a reelection , " China Hotel Golden Star Award" four-star hotel . The hotel also has won the " Award for outstanding brand in Hunan star hotel ", " 2012 market development of advanced units ", "Hunan price integrity building demonstration units " honor. The hotel market in terms of management, service management, culture , etc. have been greatly improved, in the business and always adhere to the " end of the beginning " business philosophy , to complete the operating profit targets for the two- goal , always implement the " tree of quality, innovation characteristics , casting highlights, mentioning level , "the central idea more difficult to overcome the income , costs and expenses , such as heavy pressure test , make hotel operating results steadily improved. 

    In the fierce market competition, for the hotel to get healthy and sustainable development, and constantly improve the hardware facilities is a prerequisite for security. In recent years, hotels are constantly conducted annually for each place of business retrofitting, optimize business premises, so that the overall quality has been continuously improved. Internal management, we do not relax grip safety to ensure safe operation for the purpose to prevent and eliminate hidden dangers main line, to implement the responsibility system and safety regulation as the key to carry out investigation and management of risks for the breakthrough, in-depth implementation of safety work measures to reinforce the "unified leadership of the hotel, concentrating on the functional departments, employees to actively participate in the" production safety supervision system. Meanwhile with strong measures, should control their cost, good financial, energy management, hotel in 2012 in Changsha City Energy Office was rated as "advanced water-saving demonstration units." In addition, to further improve the hotel's salary, welfare system, and constantly improve the hotel in the peer competitiveness, increase employee job satisfaction for employees to create a valuable career planning. The hotel staff to develop and establish a level of assessment program for all employees career planning and development of the implementation of two channels in administrative channels and channel expertise, the staff at the hotel have a wider promotion promotion in post development platform. By level assessment to motivate employees so that employees work more, encourage employees to develop their potential, improve job satisfaction; for the training of personnel, reserve personnel, timely adjustment to enrich the new force, the continuation of the hotel walks corresponding learning mechanism, this year there are six name qualified junior staff was sent to Hunan Normal University Tourism Management for further study.Meanwhile, after following the department manager, assistant manager to Taiwan, Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel, study or supervisory staff also organized this year again, some excellent staff traveled to Malaysia, Taiwan, tourism and study tour. Over the years the hotel has been a customer-oriented, always stressed attention to guests, attention to detail, attention to the dynamic, carefully try to figure out the needs of the guests, the guests before opening the service. Focus on "high-quality service," the theme to carry out a series of activities, regular quarterly "Smiling Angel" and "service Star" contest, and held off the entire staff meetings to share everyone's service experience, and gradually all departments in the hotel among formation overtake each other, making the line departments to actively offers innovative services and details of the service, second-tier guests backstage departments to actively create a good atmosphere for staff services, especially in the innovative service specifications and details of the service improvements made good results.

    The achievements of the past have become history, we still need to continue to sum up, reflection and improvement. Summary of advantages and disadvantages, anti Siming ideas, improve and promote development. The development, social progress we have made to a higher demand. 2013 has come, we will face more severe challenges in today's highly competitive market, we need to keep a clear head, the situation and be prepared. Continue to promote dedication, teamwork spirit, we believe that under the guidance of the provincial and municipal tourism bureau and functional departments at all levels, all Furama people always believe:, Taishan shift. Persistent goal, forge ahead, and constantly better ourselves, Furama tomorrow will be more beautiful!